Fashion & Art around Europe exhibition

In preparation for the theme year ‘Goes Europa’ in 2022, the Fashion & Art around Europe exhibition will be organized in Goes, Zeeland. The exhibition takes place from the 25th of September until the 30th of October, 2021. The goal of the exhibition is to highlight the diversity of fashion in Europe. Many different cultures, all with unique traditions and habits, coexist on the European continent. This makes the values of diversity, harmony and integrity more important than ever. Every European country is known for their own vision on fashion; dressing casual is what many Dutch people prefer, whilst the French prefer to dress more feminine and elegant. The global popularity of social media and webshops do contribute to fashion becoming more universal, many people buy the same clothes from the same (online) fashion brands. By exhibiting selected pieces from different European designers, both differences and similarities in fashion are shown in the Fashion & Art around Europe exhibition.

expositie fashion

Different areas of the historic townhall in the city centre will be decorated with fashion and art from Europe. Couture pieces from designers who in the past have participated in the event ‘’Goes Couture’’ establish the foundation for the exhibition. In addition, different designers from all-over Europe contribute by adding the best of their carefully selected fashion and art. Visitors of the exhibition have the opportunity to see more than 25 unique pieces which have been designed by at least 12 well-known European designers and artists.

Exposition 25 september till 30 october 2021
The entrance fee is € 5,- per person, children until the age of 4 years old go for free. From the age of 4 until 12 years old, the entrance fee is € 2,50. Tickets are now available for purchase.

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edwin oudshoorn couturier


The Netherlands – Designer: Edwin Oudshoorn

The Dutch designer Edwin Oudhoorn (born in the Netherlands, 30th of April 1980) is an artist who speaks the language of fashion. He is a real craftsman who translates his love for life in versatile collections, all designed with his remarkable signature. Oudhoorn uses his variety of romantic designs to tell his story. Next to presenting his couture pieces on both the national and international runway, he has also participated in four exhibitions in the Rijkmuseum, the Kunstmuseum Den Haag, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Teylers Museum, Musée de la Vie romantique in Paris during Couture Week and in the spring of 2021 at Goes Couture.

creatie edwin oudshoorn

Especially for the province of Zeeland and dedicated to Goes, Edwin designed a special collection named ’Duidelijk Zeeland’ (Clearly Zeeland), ’Duidelijke Mode’ (Clearly Fashion) and ‘Duidelijk Edwin’ (Clearly Edwin). The collection is all about the elements and a unique look and feel. The different techniques he has applied to different types of fabrics provide a non-traditional feeling but still, everyone will recognize something typically Zeeuws. For Edwin, it was all about paying hommage to different icons in Zeeland.


Spain - Designer: Adlib Moda Ibiza

Adlib Moda Ibiza is a parade of freedom, style and culture, who are celebrating their 50th anniversary in 2021. This collaborative platform exists of 32 designers and their unique fashion styles, who all come from the island Ibiza. ‘Natural Adlib’ are the natural and ecological designers. ‘Future Adlib’ are the young and upcoming designers with their own view on fashion. ‘Adlib Moda’ is the original island style fashion that we all know from Ibiza, with its recognizable mix of culture, traditions and pure craftmanship.


Adlib Moda will exhibit a versatile mix of designers and pieces that all embrace the previously mentioned elements (culture, traditions and craftmanship) and translate it to fashion nowadays. They will also exhibit beautiful shoes, hats, art objects and hand-made jewellery.


The Netherlands – Designer: Ronald Kolk

When you think about Ronald Kolk, you immediately think about theatre. Roland Kolk had his own couture fashion house for 25 years. He dressed stars like Grace Jones, Bette Midler, Ruth Jacott, Liesbeth List and members of the Dutch royal family. He calls himself a baroque-inspired designer who uses a lot of opposites, unique fabrics and feminine shapes with an eye for detail. In summary, his design style can be called progressive and nostalgic, flamboyant and melancholic, cheerful and serious, perfectonistic and fast


For his contribution to the exhibition, Ronald got inspired by the old boudoir rooms. These were rooms in the 18th century that were mostly popular in France. They were used by the lady of the house to retreat herself after a long day of socializing. Ronald has used this concept and applied it in his own way, by using the smaillest details. His use of sequins and embroidery is a perfect example of the Roland Kolk style, just like his particular and unique use of cuffs and collars in his designs.

Designer Barjis Chohan

England – Designer: Barjis Chohan

Barjis Chohan graduated from the London College of Fashion and Central St. Martins and worked together with the iconic Vivienne Westwood, before starting her own fashion house in 2000. She expanded her celebrated fashion line in 2011 and is a pioneer of introducing high-end fashion to the modest market. She is not afraid to be ‘different’ and chooses to not follow any rules in fashion. Barjis thinks that her work should speak for itself. She strives towards creating sustainable fashion, which does not pollute the earth and the oceans. This may be easier said than done, but she is on a mission to create ‘’beautiful and sustainable fashion from the highest quality.’’


Her contribution to the exhibition will consist of different looks and a mix of design clothing, wall covering, pillows, rugs and shawls. This diverse ensemble will show us how Barish Chohan mixes fashion with the daily living environment. The print is the design that will be used and is getting made while you are reading this. The exhibited pieces will all be inspired by Pakistani influences, translated to the English woman in 2021.

João Rôlo

Portugal – Designer: João Rôlo

João Rôlo is a Portugese couturier who has been devoted to the world of fashion for 30 years. He is a real visonary and lover of female elegance. João Rôlo studied textile engineering, during his studies he first encountered the fascinating world of fabrics and fashion. He decided to create his own fashion brand and opened his first studio in the 1980's. His approach is ''to observe the profile of the client and to create a model that is not only based on physical but also psychological characteristics''.

João Rôlo

Three years after opening his own studio, he made the big leap to international runways including Paris, Monaco, Vietnam and Dubai. He dresses different celebrities, for example former Spice Girl Melanie Brown and the English ''Dancing with the Stars'' presenter Holly Willoughby for exceptional events such as the Cannes film festival.

expo europa

Exposition 25 september till 30 october 2021.

The exhibition will be opened from Tuesday until Saturday from 11:00 until 16:00 and on Shopping Sunday (the 26th of September, 2021) from 13:00 until 16:00. The exhibition is closed on Mondays. Tickets are now available for purchase.

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The Fashion & Art around Europe exhibition is organized in co-operation with DC Models