Fashion & Art around Europe exhibition

In preparation for the theme year ‘Goes Europa’ in 2022, the Fashion & Art around Europe exhibition will be organized in Goes, Zeeland. The exhibition takes place from the 25th of September until the 30th of October, 2021. The goal of the exhibition is to highlight the diversity of fashion in Europe. Many different cultures, all with unique traditions and habits, coexist on the European continent. This makes the values of diversity, harmony and integrity more important than ever. Every European country is known for their own vision on fashion; dressing casual is what most Dutch people prefer, whilst the French prefer to dress more feminine and elegant. The global popularity of social media and webshops do contribute to fashion becoming more universal, since many people buy the same clothes from the same (online) fashion brands. By exhibiting selected pieces from different European designers, both differences and similarities in fashion are shown in the Fashion & Art around Europe exhibition.

The exhibition is wheelchair accessible. A mobile stairlift can be used. 

For an impression of the exhibition, you can watch this videoclip

fashion expo Goes Europe

Different areas of the historic townhall in the city centre will be decorated with fashion and art from Europe. Couture pieces from designers who in the past have participated in the event ‘Goes Couture’ establish the foundation for the exhibition. In addition, different designers from all-over Europe contribute by adding the best of their carefully selected fashion and art. Visitors of the exhibition have the opportunity to see more than 25 unique pieces which have been designed by at least 12 well-known European designers and artists.

Exposition 25 september till 30 october 2021
The entrance fee is € 5,- per person, children until the age of 4 years old go for free. From the age of 4 until 12 years old, the entrance fee is € 2,50. Tickets are now available for purchase.

Click here for a package from Hotel Goes if you want to combine your visit with a multi-day stay in Goes. (discount code is stated on the entrance ticket)

edwin oudshoorn couturier


The Netherlands – Designer: Edwin Oudshoorn

The Dutch designer Edwin Oudshoorn (born in the Netherlands, 30th of April 1980) is an artist who speaks the language of fashion. He is a real craftsman who translates his love for life in versatile collections, all designed with his remarkable signature. Oudshoorn uses his variety of romantic designs to tell his story. Next to presenting his couture pieces on both the national and international runway, he has also participated in four exhibitions in the Rijkmuseum, the Kunstmuseum Den Haag, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Teylers Museum, Musée de la Vie romantique in Paris during Couture Week and in the spring of 2021 at Goes Couture.

Edwin Oudshoorn 2021

Especially for the province of Zeeland and dedicated to Goes, Edwin designed a special collection named ’Duidelijk Zeeland’ (Clearly Zeeland), ’Duidelijke Mode’ (Clearly Fashion) and ‘Duidelijk Edwin’ (Clearly Edwin). The collection is all about the elements and a unique look and feel. The different techniques he has applied to different types of fabrics provide a non-traditional feeling but still, everyone will recognize something typically Zeeuws. For Edwin, it was all about paying hommage to different icons in Zeeland.


Spain - Designer: Adlib Moda Ibiza

Adlib Moda Ibiza is a parade of freedom, style and culture, who are celebrating their 50th anniversary in 2021. This collaborative platform exists of 32 designers and their unique fashion styles, who all come from the island Ibiza. ‘Natural Adlib' are the natural and ecological designers. ‘Futur Adlib’ are the young and upcoming designers with their own view on fashion. ‘Adlib Moda’ is the original island style fashion that we all know from Ibiza, with its recognizable mix of culture, traditions and pure craftmanship.


Adlib Moda will exhibit a versatile mix of designers and pieces that all embrace the previously mentioned elements (culture, traditions and craftmanship) and translate it to fashion nowadays. They will also exhibit beautiful shoes, hats, art objects and hand-made jewellery.


The Netherlands – Designer: Ronald Kolk

When you think about Ronald Kolk, you immediately think about theatre. Roland Kolk had his own couture fashion house for 25 years. He dressed stars like Grace Jones, Bette Midler, Ruth Jacott, Liesbeth List and members of the Dutch Royal family. He calls himself a baroque-inspired designer who uses a lot of opposites, unique fabrics and feminine shapes with an eye for detail. In summary, his design style can be called progressive and nostalgic, flamboyant and melancholic, cheerful and serious, perfectonistic and fast.


For his contribution to the exhibition, Ronald got inspired by the old boudoir rooms. These were rooms in the 18th century that were mostly popular in France. They were used by the lady of the house to retreat herself after a long day of socializing. Ronald has used this concept and applied it in his own way, by using the smaillest details. His use of sequins and embroidery is a perfect example of the Roland Kolk style, just like his particular and unique use of cuffs and collars in his designs.

Designer Barjis Chohan

England – Designer: Barjis Chohan

Barjis Chohan graduated from the London College of Fashion and Central St. Martins and worked together with the iconic Vivienne Westwood, before starting her own fashion house in 2000. She expanded her celebrated fashion line in 2011 and is a pioneer of introducing high-end fashion to the modest market. She is not afraid to be ‘different’ and chooses to not follow any rules in fashion. Barjis London thinks that her work should speak for itself. She strives towards creating sustainable fashion, which does not pollute the earth and the oceans. This may be easier said than done, but she is on a mission to create ‘’beautiful and sustainable fashion from the highest quality.’’


Her contribution to the exhibition will consist of different looks and a mix of design clothing, wall covering, pillows, rugs and shawls. This diverse ensemble will show us how Barish Chohan mixes fashion with the daily living environment. The print is the design that will be used and is getting made while you are reading this. The exhibited pieces will all be inspired by Pakistani influences, translated to the English woman in 2021.

João Rôlo

Portugal – Designer: João Rôlo

João Rôlo is a Portugese couturier who has been devoted to the world of fashion for 30 years. He is a real visonary and lover of female elegance. João Rôlo studied textile engineering, during his studies he first encountered the fascinating world of fabrics and fashion. He decided to create his own fashion brand and opened his first studio in the 1980's. His approach is ''to observe the profile of the client and to create a model that is not only based on physical but also psychological characteristics''.

João Rôlo

Three years after opening his own studio, he made the big leap to international runways including Paris, Monaco, Vietnam and Dubai. He dresses different celebrities, for example former Spice Girl Melanie Brown and the English ''Dancing with the Stars'' presenter Holly Willoughby for exceptional events such as the Cannes film festival.

Fabienne Delvigne

Belgium - Designer: Fabienne Delvigne

Since 1987, Fabienne Delvigne specializes in designing and creating haute couture hats, jewels, handbags and other fashion accessories. By creating elegant hats since the late 80’s, she has become the favorite supplier of several Royal Families around Europe, among which Her Majesty Queen Mathilde of Belgium, Her Majesty Queen Paola of Belgium, Her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden, her daughter Princess Victoria and Her Majesty Queen Maxima of the Netherlands.

Fabienne Delvigne Klaproos

Her Majesty Queen Mathilde of Belgium was invited to the commemoration of World War I in England. It is tradition to wear a poppy during such events, in memory of those who have fallen on the battlefield. Fabienne was asked to create a poppy out of fabric for the Queen. The same poppy inspired her to create a new design, which she has given the fitting name ‘’poppies’’.

Several of her beautifully designed hats will be on display during the exhibition, all of them with their own story attached to it.

Lana Puljic

Croatia - Designer: Lana Puljić

Lana Puljić is a fashion designer who is located in Zagreb, Croatia. Her brand is named ‘Lokomotiva’ (locomotive) and symbolizes progression, power & positive energy.

From an early age, fashion has always been one of Lana’s biggest passions. She always knew that her creativity would help her to express herself in fashion. A few years after completing her masters education at the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb, Lana continued her studies, abroad and in fashion this time. This path led her to the London College of Fashion where she completed the Graduate Diploma Fashion Design Technology. She has shown designs at for example Milan Fashion Week.

Lana’s designs are very different in style, from wearable pieces with a special touch to extravagant items.

Lena Puljic

All designs of Lana Puljić are hand-made in Zagreb. The idea is to create unique and timeless pieces with a lot of flair, by using high quality and lush materials. Everything is created with an eye for both detail and execution. The designer loves to, sometimes almost in an exaggerated way, play with volume and detail.  For example, combining light with dark and combining delicate and romantic with strong and robust elements. Lokomotiva is dedicated to create beautiful but provocative statement pieces for everyone, no matter their gender or age. In the first place, Lana creates items that can be worn by anyone who believes in their own individuality and character.

Matic Veler

Slovenia - Designer: Matic Veler

Matic Veler is a young Slovenian fashion designer who approaches fashion in an unique way; he believes that fashion is art. At the same time, he tries to avoid the mass production of clothing and the well-known fashion industry. His priority is to stick to his personal aesthetics as an artist and to follow the red thread of his own work philosophy.

Fashion nowadays can be very shallow, without a backstory.

His philosophy is to buy fashion the same way you would buy a piece of art, not just to wear it and put it back in the closet.

His motto is ‘Fashion is Art’.

Matic Veler

His work philosophy is divided over different worlds. His story is that he grew up at home in Slovenia, surrounded by modern socialistic architecture made of steril concrete constructions, all created without a personal touch. Since he was not surrounded by art, he became a huge admirer of art in the 17th and 18th century. In these centuries, he discovered the different ornaments and beautiful artistic skills of the great masters of that period in time. That is how his passion for fashion and art was born and he still uses these specific shapes in his designs. His contemporary designs will be shown in a fitting way, displayed against the background of the old townhall in Goes.

A small Dutch touch; In 2019, Matic Veler has worked in the Netherlands as an intern for international designer Iris van Herpen.

Matic Veler creates designs in leather, which are cut out by a laser.

Photocredits Patrick van Katwijk

Netherlands -  Designer: Victor van Westering in cooperation with fashion illustrator Linda Zoon

Linda & Victor have cooperated to create their own label (named studio Linda & Victor). Linda Zoon creates the unique fabrics and Victor van Westering designs the pieces in his own studio and atelier in the centre of Rotterdam. Victor designs evening gowns, bridal gowns and theater costumes, all made-to-measure. The result is a unique piece of clothing that is perfectly fitted for your body and matches the occasion where you want to shine. Linda is mostly known for her illustrations, which she bases on the outfits of celebrities and royals, hours after they have worn the outfit in public. Linda is also very skilled in the design of special prints on fabrics.

Linda Zoon

In celebration of the 50th birthday of Her Majesty Queen Maxima, Linda designed a special shawl in which she has used 50 different illustrations of the Queen’s different outfits. She also used details of the Dutch Royal Palace in the material for the shawl. Together with Victor van Westering, she also designed the fabric of the special ‘Maxima’s 50th anniversary dress’. This dress should certainly not be missed during the exhibition, since it symbolizes Fashion & Art with a European touch. The international press also published a lot about this beautiful piece of fashion & art.

Christian Lagerwaard

France - Designer: Christian Lagerwaard

Christian Lagerwaard was born in Germany and grew up in different cities around Europe. He quit his economics education at the age of 18 and started studying at fashion school in 1983. His eclectic mentality and devotion to fashion started a search for both artistic and technic knowledge. This resulted in his first show at Paris Fashion Week in October 2000. A few months later, Her Majesty Queen Beatrix appointed him as the first young designer of creations for the future generations of House of Orange-Nassau. Besides working on his own couture brand, he also lectures and supports fashion students in Eindhoven, Paris and London during special projects such as ‘Couture in Orbit’, initiated by the ESA (European Space Agency).

Christian Lagerwaard

The designs of Christian Lagerwaard, which he shows yearly during Paris Haute Couture Week, are all feminine, high-quality and made with the most luxurious materials and an eye for unique details. In January 2014, Christian showed his collection during Berlin Fashion Week. Since January 2015, he presents his collections outside of the schedule during Paris Haute Couture Week.

Christian Lagerwaard is a living tribute to fashion and couture!

Mart Visser portret

The Netherlands - Designer: Mart Visser

For the past 28 years, couturier Mart Visser (born in the Netherlands in 1968) has developed a clear and recognizable signature. After he graduated from the Charles Montaigne fashion education in 1992, he attended a post-academic masterclass at the Saga International Design Centre. Afterwards, he worked in New York for a while but decided to return to the Netherlands to turn all his dreams of becoming a succesful couturier into reality. Mart has succeeded in giving haute couture a modern twist, without losing its sophisticated look. His style – always designed with the best fabrics available – is expressive, distinctive, timeless and above all very feminine. Besides haute couture, Mart is also skilled in creating prêt-à-porter collections and workwear (for Royal Dutch Airline KLM, for example). During the past years, Mart has also become a noticeable and productive visual artist whose creations are being exhibited during international exhibitions.

Mart Visser designs

Mart has created an impressive oeuvre in the Netherlands. He gave haute couture a younger appearance, with a modern and distinctive face. Together with his team, Mart has build his brand and company towards a valued couture house with a characteristic look and carefully crafted quality.  

His aversion towards trends has led him to follow his own image of femininity. Also, his continuous switching source of inspiration has given every collection a unique look. With his love for timeless elegance, he puts every woman on a pedestal.

Mart Visser combines his recognizable signature with the highest quality and attention, to design creations that are ultimately comfortable. Classic craftmanship, a perfect fitting, an exquisite choice of materials and professional manufacturing are all part of his standard.


France – Designer: Yves Saint Laurent

At the age of seventeen, Yves Saint Laurent left his parental house to start working for designer Christian Dior. When Dior passed away in 1957, Saint Laurent was placed in charge of the (at that time) not so well doing couture house Dior. The designs of Saint Laurent were very  innovative, which led to an immense success. An example of one of those designs is the trapezium dress in 1958, which had a wide instead of a tight fit around the waist. Saint Laurent used both light and dark colours, although he once did create a collection with all-black designs. Today, Yves Saint Laurent has transcended his own brand name, although his couture pieces should never be forgotten.

YSL label

For the exhibition, we have managed to get a piece from the private collection of the world famous French actress Catherine Deneuve. When DeNeuve needed a dress for an event with the Queen of England, she asked her former husband David Bailey for advice. He advised her to contact Yves Saint Laurent. Since she wanted a dress from last season, she went to Yves with a newspaper cut-out from that particular dress. The image of the young and shy DeNeuve with the piece of paper in her hand, ringing the doorbell of the just as young and shy Yves Saint Laurent, must have been an endearing sight to behold. However, it was the start of a lifelong friendship between them. In the end, Catherine possessed over 300 couture designs, all made by Yves Saint Laurent. One of these prized possessions can be admired from up close during our exhibition.


The Netherlands - Designer: Monique Collignon

Monique Collignon graduated in 1983 from the fashion academy in Rotterdam. After this, she worked as a designer for different companies, where she mainly designed sportswear. She opened her first store in 1990 in Leiden and six years later, she designed her first haute couture collection. Since that year, she has her own fashion brand. Designing fashion has always been her greatest passion. In 2010 and 2012, she got rewarded for her hard work by receiving the Dutch Designer of the Year Award and the Best Foreign Designer Award in Germany. Recenty, she published her book FashionArt and created an exhibition with the same name. She got this idea during the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time, she brought Dutch celebrities, photographers and stylists together to take pictures in couture pieces, all designed by herself.

Monique Collignon

Monique Collignon is the creative director of her own fashion brand. This means that her main task is to design the collections and to carry the responsibility for everything this comprehends. In addition, she further develops designs, chooses the right colours and fabrics and she is the brains behind the design and styling of the fashion shows. The fashion brand mainly produces haute couture and prêt-à-porter collections named Couture Light. Monique Collignon also designs workwear, for example for Holland Casino, Taxi Mama and the Princess Maxima Centre. All designs are made with Waste2Wear fabric, which is produced with recycled PET-bottles and thus ecologically responsible. Also, this makes the fabric sustainable, since the production of it takes less energy and water than for example the production of cotton fabric.

Jan Jansen

The Netherlands – Designer: Jan Jansen

For over 60 years, Jan Jansen has been a master in shoe design; his designs are colourful, extravagant and ground-breaking. Jan gained world fame by using unique methods and technical constructions that literally challenge gravity, an example of this is his ‘floating heel’ design. His work is considered an inspiration for generations of designers after him. His first design in rotan – inspired by a rotan chair on which he sat in France – was described wrongly at an international shoe convention but jubilantly received by the general public.

Jan is in the happy circumstance that he was able to work with a new distributor, despite the current pandemic. The Hooijer-group is going to relaunch the brand Jan Jansen. The first collections will be ready in the spring of 2022. We are very proud to show his excessive and unique shoe designs at our exhibition

Jan Jansen

The designs of Jansen are often called versatile and innovative. He masters craft techniques and is creative with colours and materials. His designs are also called extravagant, original and witty.

Jansen himself claims that he does not work with trends and market forces, but that he mostly creates designs that he thinks are beautiful. This statement absolutely shows in his unique designs.

The designs of Jan Jansen are a work of art. There is a reason that Vogue Italia lovingly named him ‘’the crazy shoe maker’’; explosive use of colours are characteristic for every shoe that he has ever made.

His memoires were published at the start of 2021, called ‘’werken’’. The credo of Jan Jansen is; ‘’I find it fascinating to keep doing new things that no one has ever done before.’’

Christian Dior

Christian Dior - France

Christian Dior was born on the 21st of January 1905, in Granville, Normandy. He was interested in architecture and sketched a lot in his free time, mostly clothing. The designs were considered so well made, that he sold them to couture houses and illustrated the fashion enclosure of Le Figaro. This talent led him to being hired as a designer in 1938 at Robert Piguet. In 1941, he transferred to Lucien Lelong. Five years later, Marcel Boussac (a textile tycoon) decided to finance Dior’s couture house and bought a house at Avenue Montaigne in Paris, where the label Dior still resides today.

In 1947, Dior launched his first collection for spring/summer, which soon became known as ‘New Look’: small waists with flared skirts. Dior has been recognized by "La Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture’’ as Haute Couture fashion house.

Dior knipsels Ger

His assistant Yves Saint Laurent was placed in charge in 1957 and presented his first collection named Trapeze in 1958. The white couture cocktail dress that will be on display during the exhibition was created before this time.

Since 1997, John Galliano had been appointed as creative director at Dior. Every season, he created two collections; a prêt-à-porter collection and couture collection. Since 2006, the cruise line was also added to these collections. On the 1st of March 2011, Galliano got fired because of his antisemitic statements. John Galliano’s successor is Raf Simons. Simons left the company in November 2015.


Co-operation – The Historical Museum de Bevelanden

During the ‘Fashion & Art around Europe’ exhibition, it is also possible to visit the beautiful creations of Edwin Oudshoorn at the Historical Museum de Bevelanden. For this collection, Edwin applied different techniques that were inspired by the regional way of dressing in Zeeland, back in the days. The museum also offers the standard collection with an overview of all regional ways of dressing, of all different Zeeuwse islands and regions. Both the special collection of Edwin Oudshoorn and the standard collection can be admnired at the museum. If you combine your visit to the ‘Fashion & Art around Europe’ exhibition with a visit to the Historical Museum de Bevelanden, you get a discounted price of €7.50 (in stead of €10.00). If you show your entrance ticket of the exhibition at the entrance of the museum, the discount will be immediately applied.

If you want to know more about the museum and their opening hours, please visit

Sjaak Hullekes met nieuwe damast voor nieuw hemdrok

Co-operation – Zeeuws Museum

Film: re_USED re_SATIN

In the regional costume collection of Zeeuws museum, the internationally woven damast fabrics of the 19th century vests are a colourful peculiarity. For the first time in history and on a large scale, the vests are being researched; on where they came from, on weaving techniques, use of colour, production and distribution. The research takes place in co-operation with Norwich-textile expert Michael Nix and designers.

Textile designer and researcher Remi Veldhoven and fashion designer Sjaak Hullekes offer an insight and realization in contemporary sustainable design and production methods, while also comparing it with methods used in past centuries.

In co-operation with textile companies Wolkat (Tilburg) and EE Exclusives – Van Engelen & Eevers (Heeze), Zeeuws Museum presents a sneak peek into the process of creating a new damast vest. The film (length 13 minutes) that plays at the Fashion & Art exhibition, was first shown at the Dutch Design Week 2020. All this results in a special exhibition that will open on the 26th of November at Zeeuws Museum. You are more than welcome to visit us!

fashion expo Zeeland

Exposition 25 september till 30 october 2021.

The exhibition will be opened from Tuesday until Saturday from 11:00 until 16:00 and on Shopping Sunday (the 26th of September, 2021) from 13:00 until 16:00. The exhibition is closed on Mondays. Tickets are now available for purchase.


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The Fashion & Art around Europe exhibition is organized in cooperation with DC Models

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